Noreen Khan: presenter

A three and a half hour daily live show certainly tests the skills of any radio presenter. BBC Asian Network's Noreen Khan tells us her strategy for success.

Briefly, what is your job and what are your key responsibilities?
I’m a presenter on BBC Asian Network and present 1:30-5pm weekdays. My show is a mixture of music, entertainment and information.

Has there been a moment where you’ve thought, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”?
Yes I’ve had that feeling a few times in my career. Being a music junkie, I love having the opportunity to play music and most of all love being able to connect with my listeners.

"Doing a three and a half hour live show every day means you learn to cope, adapt and think very, very quickly!" – Noreen Khan

What’s been the proudest or most memorable moment of your career so far?
For over a year I had the most listened to radio show on the BBC Asian Network which made it the biggest Asian radio show in the country so that was a huge personal achievement for me. 

Most useful skill you’ve developed?
The ability to understand, connect and relate to the audiences and to be able to deal with pressure.  Doing a three and a half hour LIVE show every day means you learn to cope, adapt and think very, very quickly!

What three tips would you give someone wanting to do your job?
If you want to become a broadcaster I suggest you:

1. Fully understand the role and research it inside out to make sure it’s the career you want to pursue.

2. Get lots of experience, I started in hospital radio and then went into commercial radio. 

3. Get to know your audience and the station you’re presenting on!