Writing sitcoms

The classic British sitcom is part of this country’s DNA. Indeed, sitcoms can get so deeply embedded into the subconscious that fans can have whole conversations with each other based on nothing but quotes from their favourite shows.

So how do you go about creating the immortal characters and crazy situations that will end up making generations laugh for years to come?

Joining Hazel Marshall in the studio, with an abundance of practical advice for the next generation of sitcom writers, are three very successful characters from the comedy industry, John Finnemore, Tira Shubart and Jon Plowman.

"The characters have to be rounded and they can’t just be people spouting out facts about the Hadron Collider." – Tira Shubart

John Finnemore writes and stars in the award winning Cabin Pressure on Radio 4.

Tira Shubart wrote the critically acclaimed BBC Two sitcom Taking the Flak

Jon Plowman has an extremely illustrious comedy background, exec producing Absolutely Fabulous, The League of Gentlemen and The Thick of It amongst many more comedy classics.