World Olympic Dreams

BBC World Service Newshour presenter James Coomarasamy hosts this talk on World Olympic Dreams, the extraordinary project that followed 29 aspiring Olympians on the road to London 2012. Joining James are Matthew Pinsent and Kevin Bishop.

Matthew Pinsent is a four times Olympic gold medallist. Kevin Bishop is the series producer of World Olympic Dreams.

Kevin has always loved trying to involve sport in foreign news coverage, even trying to include sport in stories about war zones.

"My approach was to get the foreign bureaus involved." – Kevin Bishop

There are many athletes coming to our country from all over the world, but who are they and what are their stories? It was down to Kevin and Matthew to open up these worlds for the audience. Kevin wanted to involve athletes who were recognisable to the masses but also those who meant something to the country they came from. One such athlete was the American gymnast Shawn Johnson, who Kevin describes as ‘apple pie personified’.

In this talk Kevin and Matthew share moments from their remarkable journey, lessons learnt along the way and their hopes for shaping sports coverage, post 2012.