Using digital

Whatever content you create, whether fact or fiction, you can use digital production and distribution techniques to help you reach a wider, more committed audience.

EastEnders online video producer Matt Taylor, The Royal Opera House's head of media Tony Followell, and digital consultant and founder of Storythings Matt Locke join Simon Smith on the CoP Show to talk about the ways you can make digital work for your programme, organisation or project.

"The web is something that connects us to people, much more than it is about platforms and technologies." – Matt Locke

The panel talk about ways to reach your people online - from focussing in on niche audiences and behaviours, to the best ways to disseminate content. For Matt Locke, an expert in digital storytelling, it’s important to remember that your audience and 'the digital audience' aren't separate entities: they are one and the same.

They also discuss the need to go out and try different tools, whether these are social media tools like Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or Youtube and look at how to establish the parameters for success. In the end, however, all agree that success in any digital project is based around the idea - more so than what tools you use.

Tony Followell is head of media for the Royal Opera House. He was behind Royal Ballet Live, offering nine hours of live streaming with audience interaction, social media and archive material; and Royal Opera Live, a behind the scenes look at the Royal Opera.

Matt Taylor is a video producer for EastEnders, producing, directing and editing original short-form content exclusively for the BBC EastEnders website. He specialises in fictional side steps that expand the EastEnders world, including mockumentary Kim’s Palace, a Peep Show style film with Tamwar Masood, as well as shooting cast interviews and behind-the-scenes features.

Matt Locke is founder of Storythings, a company he set up to experiment with storytelling in a wide range of contexts and media. He is organiser of The Story, a one day conference on storytelling on different platforms and was a consultant on The Space, an online platform for the arts. Previously he was head of multiplatform commissioning for Channel 4, working on multi-platform projects around brands such as Million Pound Drop, Skins and Embarrassing Bodies. Before that he was commissioning editor for education at Channel 4, with projects such as the double EMMY-winning Battlefront UK, the SXSW winning 1066 game.