TV consumer technology

What are the current trends in consumer TV technology and how might they present problems or opportunities for programme makers?

The Blue Room is the BBC's consumer technology showcase, a chance for programme makers to explore and raise awareness of how the world of consumer technology is changing the broadcasting industry. It's a wonderland of the latest TV, consoles, radio, smart phone and tablet technology, from connected and smart TVs to the latest camera capture technology.

"The Blue Room is a room full of gadgets, gizmos and technology that points to current and future trends." – Garry Green

Garry Green takes Ben Toone on a tour of the Blue Room's permanent base in London. They explore the implications for programme makers of new camera capture technology, 4k and 16k television and they talk about whether 3D will truly take off with consumers.

They look at how filmed content can be used to create interactive experiences, and look at connected television to examine the options available to consumers and how traditional broadcasters and programme makers may be able to compete. 

Garry Green is a technology demonstrator with the BBC Blue Room. As well as working for the Blue Room's permanent base in London he tours the Blue Room around the country. To date the Blue Room has visited not only BBC bases in Bristol, Salford, Glasgow and Cardiff but visited Sheffield Doc Fest, the IFA 2012 in Berlin and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Garry also provides training for the BBC Academy as well as working as a tour guide for BBC Tours. In the past he has been a broadcast journalist for stations such as Radio Solent.