Tips: Taking photos for the web

Natalie Marshall, assistant content producer at BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, tells us about the everyday tricks she uses for taking photographs of the guests that appear on the radio shows.

It is important that the pictures published on websites are professionally shot. Good photos enhance your website and can make your programme or network brand stand out in this very competitive environment.

"It's one thing taking photos of your mates for Facebook, but here you're taking pictures that potentially could be seen by millions of people"– Natalie Marshall

Since large images can always be reduced in size or cropped to detail, you should always use the best quality camera you can and shoot in the highest resolution available. Scaling up images beyond their original size can produce a low quality blocky effect.

Natalie says that it’s not just about getting a picture of the celebrity but about getting the best possible picture that you can. This means having your camera primed and ready to go because you might be asked to take photos at short notice.

She also describes how setting the scene, clearing clutter from backgrounds and taking photos from interesting angles can make your photos stand out.

Using the ‘rule of thirds’, a compositional aid that can help balance your pictures, Natalie explains how to create photos that have more energy and dynamism.

Natalie advises reviewing your photographs as you take them, so you can adjust and re-shoot on the spot. And by being confident and directing your subjects you can get the most out of the shoot.