Tips: recording vox pops

Melanie Grant is an experienced broadcast journalist who's worked at 1Xtra, Radio 1 and Radio 4. We see her at a market recording vox pops for a radio package and she offers us her top five tips.

People won’t stop if you don’t look welcoming.

Learn to take rejection
Even if you are smiling, some people still won’t stop. That might be because they are in a rush or don’t feel comfortable. Whatever the reason, remember it’s nothing to do with you.

"From listening to what people say you can pick up some of the most interesting facts." – Melanie Grant

Listen carefully to what people say 
You can pick up some of the most interesting facts that you won’t find on any website.

Ask open questions
Ones that start with "what" "why" "how" etc.

Speak to a variety of people
That way you should get different experiences and perspectives.