Robert Llewellyn: from Kryten to Carpool

Robert Llewellyn joins BBC Academy's Jane Clancey in the studio. He discusses his early years writing alternative comedy, which began with a puppet show in his family garage.

After starring as Kryten in the cult BBC comedy series, Red Dwarf, Robert presented Scrapheap Challenge for Channel 4. He offers an insight into why the show was such a success.

Robert talks about visiting an expo in the US, where he discovered the potential to create and distribute his own content online.

"If you work slightly outside the system, it's really important to be honest." – Robert Llewellyn

He went on to develop Carpool as a video podcast. In it, Robert offers his interviewees a lift and films the interview while driving. Carpool had more than two million downloads over eighteen months before it was commissioned by the TV channel Dave.

He also talks about the equipment he used and what he learnt about winning and maintaining an online audience.