Sustainable TV production

Since 2008 the BBC has been working towards reducing its impact on the environment by reducing water consumption, emissions from energy and transport and by increasing recycling. It has also taken a lead in the wider broadcasting industry by setting the standards in sustainable programme production. So how can TV programme makers in all levels of production make a difference when it comes to going green?

Joining Simon Smith in the studio are Sarah Gordon-Jones, Francis Gilson and, displaying his green credentials by dialling in from Tunbridge Wells, Richard Smith. They discuss the practicalities of making greener programmes and Albert, the free online tool for calculating a TV production's carbon footprint.

"I’m not expecting you to build a wind-turbine on the roof of the production office but to do whatever you can whenever you can." – Richard Smith

Sarah Gordon-Jones is head of production at IMG Media and is broadly responsible for all of the Premier League football output.

Francis Gilson is a production manager in BBC Comedy.

Richard Smith is the BBC’s Sustainable Production manager.