Self shooting

We've all seen examples of bad DV filming, wobbly camerawork or muffled sound. However, done well it can be a considered part of the storytelling process, leading to results that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Love it or loathe it, self shooting is here to stay. It has become an essential part of the job description of assistant producers, directors and researchers, however if you're not technically minded it can feel rather daunting. 

In the CoP studio to discuss the benefits and difficulties of self shooting are Stuart Bernard, Dermot Caulfield and Ken Kirby.

"Always have a spare battery, a spare tape, or memory card in your pocket!" – Stuart Bernard

Stuart is a very experienced producer/director who worked on Our War and Wounded.

Dermot Caulfied was series editor of Bang Goes the Theory and is now an executive producer at Fresh One.

Ken Kirby is a BAFTA nominated producer/director specialising in current affairs and observational documentaries. His most recent documentary was the Panorama special on Stephen Lawrence. Ken also works with DV Talent, training people in the skills they'll need to turn in broadcast quality footage.