Second screen

Recent research suggests that around 60% of the audience are using the internet at the same time as watching TV. So it's not surprising that broadcasters and programme makers are attempting to make use of people’s second screen, such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets that are, depending on your perspective, either competing with or complementing TV.

Joining Simon Smith to discuss the programmes the second screen is working well on, how can we make better use of it and what the long-term effects on production and audiences will be are Andy Littledale, Dan Biddle, Tom Williams and Gez O'Brien.

"If you don't aim the second screen at the right audience it won't be engaging." – Andy Littledale

Andy Littledale of Second Sync and Backflip, specialises in the design and production of web sites and also apps for mobile devices.

Dan Biddle is multiplatform editorial lead with BBC Vision, social media guru and independent podcaster.

Tom Williams is the development editor behind many BBC second screen projects including the Red Button.

Joining us down the line from Manchester is Gez O'Brien, chief exec and co-founder of interactive content, tools and toy makers Stardotstar.