Profile: Radio comedy producer

Lianne Coop is a radio comedy producer. She has worked with Sarah Millican and Mark Watson, as well as on the New Comedy Awards.

Radio producers are responsible for creating and co-ordinating the content of programmes, and may also have responsibility for the content of related websites or other mobile platforms.

"It's a joy stumbling across talented people and sharing them with the rest of the nation."– Lianne Coop

The majority of radio producers work as part of a small team, although some manage much larger programme units. They are mainly based in offices and recording studios, but may also work on location producing outside broadcasts.

One of a comedy producer’s key roles is collaborating with comedians to shape their scripts and ensure that they are appropriate for the intended audience. An awareness of the boundaries of taste and decency is paramount, as well as the ability to give feedback and constructive criticism.

For Lianne, this means spending much of her time trying to unearth fresh talent. She talent searches at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and comedy clubs throughout the year and admits that the hit rate is relatively low. But the rewards of working with talented people on comedy shows which get shared nationwide are high.