Profile: Art director

Rosie Jones is the art director on CBBC’s The 4 O'Clock Club, a new comedy drama set in a school in Bolton. She describes how she plans, organises and controls the visual aspects of a production, to realise the production designer's vision.

In television an art director plans, organises and controls the visual aspects of a set, to realise the production designer's vision. The art director also has control of the budget allocation for building the set and buying in props, working closely with the production designer to achieve the required look and feel of the set. It is a role which requires a great deal of creative talent as well as good organisational skills.

Rosie takes us on a tour of the set that was created for The 4 O'Clock Club. To create the set they took over part of a derelict school and recreated the classrooms from scratch.

"You need to be able to communicate visually, have an eye for detail and have a passion for art." – Rosie Jones

For The 4 O'Clock Club, she had to recreate a living room that was exactly right for the period. This involved measuring up an existing room and copying every last detail including doors, walls, windows, carpets, wallpaper and furnishings. She also sources items to furnish the rooms with, deciding which objects have to be transformed or aged by prop makers.

Rosie tells us that being an art director isn’t just about being creative. It’s about managing paperwork and keeping across the look of the entire production. To do this she has to spend a lot of time communicating with graphic designers, the production designer and the production buyer.