Profile: comedy producer, radio

Comedy producer Colin Anderson is a graduate of the BBC’s Production Trainee Scheme and now works as a producer for Radio 4’s The Now Show. A self-confessed comedy geek, he explains his route into the industry and gives advice to anyone hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Your comedy credentials
Firstly, you must have a love of comedy. It’s no use being ‘an awesome radio producer’ without those basic comedy credentials. You’ve got to be able to work with comedians and also be able to recognise talent.

"Before, being able to self-edit and self-op was a big advantage. Now it’s probably a pre-requisite." – Colin Anderson

Get technical
The ability to edit audio is a pre-requisite in radio these days, so brush up on your technical skills. It’s a competitive industry, so the more you’ve got of those skills, the more attractive you are.

Read, watch, listen
If you have a good sense of what works comedically it will help enormously, so listen to, read and watch a lot of comedy. Go back to the archive, and keep abreast of new talent.

Sell your ideas
Whether you are full time staff or a freelancer, working as a producer is about being able to generate and sell shows. So, if you can spot new talent and pitch and sell ideas, you already have a job!