For many of us networking is a term that comes with negative connotations, conjuring images of false smiles and flattery at posh events. But getting together with like-minded people who work in your industry can have real benefits.

Networking is not just about going to official events. It is also about how you interact with people on a daily basis, from co-workers to commissioners, and how you maintain contact with people you have met in your career. In a 'word of mouth' industry, staying in people's minds when jobs come up can pay dividends.

"You do have to be quite confident but you don't have to be pushy."– Elsa Sharp

So how can you make the best of it? To guide us through the networking dos and don'ts Simon Smith is joined by Moray Coulter, an entrepreneur who founded TV jobs site ProductionBase and worked as a talent executive at ITV, Liana Stewart, a researcher and founder of Step2TV, a networking resource for entry level and seasoned professionals, and we also welcome back Elsa Sharp, talent manager at Dragonfly and author of How to Get a Job in Television.