Mums in TV

Simon Smith talks to four guests about juggling two highly demanding commitments - being a mum and working in television.

Between 2006 and 2009, some 5,000 women (compared to 750 men) left the TV industry. This suggests that the demands of family life are convincing some women that their TV careers cannot continue. This is clearly unfortunate for those mums who want to carry on working in an industry they love, but it is equally concerning for the industry itself. The audience is not accurately represented, and it is also losing a considerable amount of valuable talent and experience.

"Not knowing when your next job is going to be is a big obstacle for people considering having children."– Marion Edwards

But all is not lost. The landscape, as ever, is changing, thanks to the determination of many mums who are working in new ways that accommodate family life. Innovative employers are also discovering the benefits of employing talented mums through part-time contracts, job sharing and flexible working.

Simon is joined by some of these women to talk about how to successfully balance motherhood and a TV career, how to make the transition in your children's early years and how to present solutions to employers and convince them that it is in their interests to take you on.

Emma Morgan is head of development at Mentorn and a mother of two, Ursula Macfarlane is also a mother of two and is a freelance documentary maker, Marion Edwards is vice president of production at HIT Entertainment and Amy Walker is a director and founder of the Media Parents website.