The killer pitch

Pat Younge, BBC Television’s chief creative officer hosts this special BBC Academy session at the 2012 Edinburgh Television Festival focusing on just what goes into delivering a 'killer pitch'.

His guests are Melanie Leach, managing director at Twofour Broadcast, Richard Shaw, head of development and exec producer at Lion Television and Victoria Ashbourne, managing director at Victory Television. They discuss the dark art of pitching and reveal everything you wanted to know about the pitching process but were possibly too afraid to ask.

"Pitching is like sex: you are either giving or receiving; you never see anyone else in action; and you always think everyone else is better at it than you." – Pat Younge

Among the advice offered is to make sure that what you’re pitching suits who you’re pitching it to, and that it’s tailored to the channel. They also discuss the right number of ideas to take into your pitch, being flexible with your ideas and, somewhat surprisingly, that a rejection can be a blessing in disguise.

The panel also reveal their most embarrassing pitching moments.