Improvisation for storytellers

Hazel Marshall and her guests discuss how improvisation techniques can help TV and radio production teams improve their storytelling skills.

Programme makers understand how important addictive stories are for grabbing and keeping audiences, and how hard it can be to create them. So what happens if you just tear up your script and see what happens next?

"Create a playful atmosphere where you try and assess good process through lots of goes, rather like a scientist."– Deborah Frances-White

We hear from our experts about techniques that can be used to great effect while directing and to tease naturalistic performances out of actors.

Dominic Savage is a BAFTA award winning director who specialises in improvised drama. His most recent work was BBC1’s True Love.

Julian Simpson is an established director and writer whose work includes Dr Who, New Tricks and the first ever improvised play for Radio 4, A Time to Dance.

Deborah Frances-White is a writer, stand up comedian and co-founder of The Spontaneity Shop where she teaches improvisational techniques.