Profile: Broadcast assistant, Radio 3

Hannah Norbury is a broadcast assistant for In Tune on BBC Radio 3. She shares some insights into her daily routine on the music show In Tune.

Broadcast assistants are responsible for providing assistance to producers and presenters in the preparation and running of shows. Depending on the network, BAs may sometimes be called assistant producers.

They are usually involved in research, writing up notes, booking guests and getting CDs ready for the show. During the show they may have responsibility for social media feeds and will normally be expected to report music and deal with post production paperwork.

"There are a lot of tasks that a broadcast assistant has to cover." – Hannah Norbury

In Tune is a music show that features at least two live performances in each episode. Hannah is expected to help the smooth running of the show by greeting musicians and getting them in and out of the studio on time. She keeps the visual information for TV, online and DAB players up to date and she also needs to be on hand to provide on-the-spot information for the presenter, and CD out times for the producer. She’s even called on to turn pages for the musicians while they play.

After the show she puts the playlist online for the website and reports music that was played. It’s a busy role but one that Hannah loves.