Creating a comedy podcast

Joining Simon Smith on the CoP Show are three talented people behind Live from Kirrin Island, a comedy podcast that has made its way in to the top 20 comedy podcasts on iTunes.

Live from Kirrin Island is a topical comedy show produced by a selection of writers from the British Comedy Guide in conjunction with a team of accomplished performers. The writers are regular contributors to BBC radio comedy shows including Newsjack and Recorded for Training Purposes.

"Put in the time and effort, think laterally and you will be able to do it." – Steve Holford

We hear from producer and writer Alison Pritchard, script editor Stu Cooper and writer and performer Steve Holford on the collaborative and open process involved in producing such a successful podcast.

They offer some insight into the practicalities of pooling their creative talents, the hard lessons learned and their tips for creating your own comedy podcast.