Countryfile: New Forest smuggler

This case study on Countryfile give you a behind the scenes look at how a VT is created by the team from start to finish. We follow the team into the New Forest.

The New Forest, with its beautiful Beaulieu River, was a hunting ground created for William the Conqueror a thousand years ago. Since then the river has provided the perfect secret landing spot for smugglers. In this VT insert, created for an episode of Countryfile, Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury talk to local historians and experts about the details of criminal activity, both past and present, in the picturesque New Forest area and its watery marshes.

"We've raided the Countryfile fancy dress wardrobe and Steve and I are gonna do a bit of smuggling re-enacting." – Matt Baker

A look at the final product
Directors like Andrew Painten must script, shoot and edit-produce around five films as VT inserts for each Countryfile episode. Along the way, Andrew has help from his highly skilled team. Researcher Claire Blindell, camera operator Stef Otto, editor Matt Taylor, producer Andrea Buffery and presenters Matt Baker, Adam Henson and Ellie Harrison all help to get the films like these through pre-production, production and post-production stages.

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