Composing music

Music is an essential part of storytelling on screen and on the radio. Get it right and while you might not be consciously aware of its presence, it will nevertheless be playing a significant part in how you perceive the characters and relate to the story.

It’s vital directors and producers understand how to work well with composers so they can weave their musical magic over their stories.

"It is most helpful when directors clarify what the music should be doing, what the function of the music in the scene is." – Rob Lane

Joining Hazel Marshall in the CoP studio to give an insight into their creative processes are two guests whose names you might not recognise but whose music you almost certainly will, Roger Goula and Rob Lane.

Roger Goula composed the theme music for the award winning BBC Radio 4 production of The History of Titus Groan. Roger has composed music for a variety of radio dramas and films including Shock Head Soul which recently premiered at the London Film Festival.

Rob Lane is a multi-award winning composer whose work includes Tess of the D’Urbervilles and the recent film West is West.