Building audiences

If you have a website, a TV or radio show, or even a blog you will want to make sure that you get as many eyes and ears across your content as possible.

In this show Simon Smith and guests discuss the practical techniques that content producers can use to build audiences. They look at examples of good social media practice, how to find your audience and connect with the people who will influence them.

"When you're thinking about your digital campaign you have to have a plan for how you're going to manage it right through to the end." – Marie Corin

Also under discussion is viral marketing, what works, what practical steps can be taken to make your content go viral and how to plan for when it all goes wrong. Rubber Republic's Chris Quigley talks about their successful viral marketing campaign for BBC Two's South Pacific, using a video of a surfer in super slow motion to bring the programme to the attention of specific online communities.

Simon is joined by Caragh Salisbury, editor of the BBC's user acquisition team, Marie Corin, senior marketing executive for 4oD and Chris Quigley from Rubber Republic, a specialist in viral marketing and social media advertising.