Profile: broadcast journalist

Ed Smith is a broadcast journalist for Nick Conrad, a three hour morning talk show on Radio Norfolk. He describes his role and how he generally helps the show to run smoothly.

Ed's role consists of identifying topics - of both national and local interest - to be covered in each show, researching those topics and generally helping the show to run smoothly.

He starts his day by going through a range of sources in search of interesting stories. From there he will conduct the research and find expert contributors to feature on each item. He helps to write up the scripts and trails for the show.

"It's key to have good time management skills - we might only get two minutes to get two or three callers in... my job is to make sure I'm getting the three best callers." – Ed Smith

While the show is on air, Ed is responsible for dealing with the callers, assessing them editorially and putting the best ones through to air. Calls come through thick and fast and Ed needs to make quick decisions and manage his time effectively.

Ed's route into broadcast journalism was through work experience at Radio Norfolk upon leaving University. He talks about the benefits, as well as the disadvantages, of this route as opposed to doing a degree in broadcast journalism.