Going behind the scenes

Planet Earth, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. Simon Smith is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the art of creating behind the scenes programmes on a range of formats.

Now, more than ever before, audiences are used to getting instant access to information on the subjects they’re passionate about. With barriers between traditional broadcasters and viewers disappearing, the craft of producing a behind the scenes offering has to constantly evolve if it’s to stay relevant.

"Think about how a fan would think about it, and bring it to life." – Alex McLeod

So how do you create that balance between producing an insight that audiences will love without patronising them or ruining the magic?

Alex McLeod is the executive producer of It Takes Two, the sister show of Strictly Come Dancing.

Jeff Wilson is a producer with the BBC’s Natural History Unit and has created behind the scenes programmes for flagship shows such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet.

Steve Saul is a writer, social media producer and self shooter who’s been responsible for providing backstage content for shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor, The Magicians and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.