Art of the interview

Whether it’s for television or radio, news, entertainment or documentaries, the interview is a basic building block in broadcasting. In this CoP Show podcast, we'll look at how you produce a truly great interview.

Planning is crucial and choosing the right guests, deciding on the questions and structuring your interview are all fundamental. Then when the conversation is in full swing, the interview and the interviewee have to be managed.

"We often think we're looking for words but my best interviews have been made up of silences and stumblings." – David Sillito

Joining Simon Smith to discuss the various techniques that will help you get that great interview are Bridget Osborne, Jeremy Phillips, and David Sillito.

Bridget Osborne is a BBC radio and TV producer who used to be responsible for the BBC News programme HARDtalk.

Jeremy Phillips is the exec producer on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories at ITV.

David Sillito is the BBC arts correspondent.