Anna Foster: Olympics Extra

The London 2012 Olympics showcased not just some of the greatest sportsmen and women from around the world, but also the best in broadcasting and creative talent from the BBC. Radio 5 live's Anna Foster talks about the challenges she faced broadcasting live.

From the dramatic opening ceremony to the thrills of 'Super Saturday', the BBC’s coverage was widely praised around the world, and we have brought together our own highlights in our new collection of case study films, taking a detailed look at how the Olympics were brought to you, from build-up to broadcast.

For Radio 5 live presenter Anna Foster, the London 2012 Olympics were her chance to dive in to the world of lesser known sports, and to exercise her own ability to be flexible.

"I remember being absolutely daunted by how much there was to learn." – Anna Foster

Olympics Extra, a digital channel set up to compliment Radio 5 live for the duration of the Games, aimed to provide more in depth commentary and analysis of sports, offering an insight in to less high profile sports such as hockey, basketball and taekwondo. Anna quickly became an expert in all.

“That was the biggest thing – just having my eyes opened to this whole world of sport,” she says.

Being flexible and able to respond to the rapid turn of events came in very handy, particularly when faced with sudden shifts in 5 live’s schedule. “Sometimes a commentary that we were carrying would be so exciting that it would need to go across to 5 live and then we would need to find something to fill the space with,” she explains. As the presenter, this meant being fully prepared. “I made sure from my point of view I always had some headlines – some thought points so I could fill as long as I needed to.”


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