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From live match commentary to editing the front page of the BBC Sport website, covering sport means knowing more than just the rules of the game and the names of the players. In this section of the BBC Academy website, see Alan Green's advice to novice live match commentators and Mark Pougatch’s tips on presenting radio programmes.

BBC Sport: Live-blogging for Sportsday Live

BBC Sport’s live blog has become a central element of daily storytelling. The Sportsday Live team explain the practical and editorial challenges

Sports writing online: Tom Fordyce

The BBC’s chief sports writer Tom Fordyce explains the skills required to write for Sport online - and that a lot of it is about rhythm

Women in sports journalism: Alison Mitchell, Natalie Pirks

Four leading female sports journalists, including cricket commentator Alison Mitchell and sports news correspondent Natalie Pirks, discuss the key issues facing women

Sports reporting

Sport is part of the ‘fabric of society’ and important to BBC audiences, says the former head of sports news Richard Burgess

Sports presenter: Mark Pougatch

5 live Sports presenter Mark Pougatch provides tips on presenting techniques: impartiality is important; sounding interested essential

BBC Sport website: Editing the homepage

The front page of the BBC Sport website showcases everything from live events, news and video to bloggers, audio and columnists

Sport multimedia team

A cool head and a passion for sport are required to work in the multimedia team producing live-streamed and on-demand content on multiple platforms

Producing a live sports programme: 5 live

The challenge is to stay calm and in control in the tense excitement of the radio cubicle, says the editor of 5 live’s Saturday sports output

Live match commentary: Rob Nothman

To be a good match commentator it is important to prepare thoroughly but be adaptable, says the BBC’s sports journalism coach