Social media verification: UGC Hub

Never assume the people, pictures or video on social media are who or what they claim to be. So how do you ensure the enormous pool of content and contacts are genuine? BBC journalists share their insights.

It is tempting to assume that the pictures and video you find on social media sites are what they are claimed to be. Get it wrong and the audience will soon lose faith in the accuracy of your journalism.

Getting it right is just as important as being first.

So how do traditional systems of editorial ‘checks and balances’ transfer to the world of social media? And how do you ‘stand up’ your stories and pictures?

"Verification is something you should be doing as a matter of course and it should go unnoticed, largely. Our success should be that nobody says the BBC got it wrong"

In this video, staff in the BBC’s UGC Hub explain how they follow a rigorous procedure of checks and filters.