Journalism / Skills

Researching and producing

A good idea is just the first step in the process: you need to research it, sell it to your editor, then produce the best content for your audience. In this section of the BBC Academy's website, hear from BBC editors and producers, on programmes such as Today and Radio 1 Newsbeat, about how they find, research and produce a story.

Coping with night shifts: Nuala McGovern

World Service presenter Nuala McGovern chairs a round-table discussion on the physical and mental challenges of working night shifts

Producing a TV news package

Keep across your story, be organised, and stay calm - Magnus McGrandle on the skills needed to produce a TV package for the News at Six or Ten

TV graphics: Jeremy Vine

Graphics are on-screen illustrations or creative treatments of pictures that can bring a story to life. They must present information in a way that's easy to understand, says Jeremy Vine

Programme-making: Prospects and briefs

Producers and researchers often work a shift system on programmes. Excellent communication between everyone involved is imperative

Producer role on Newsbeat: Rod McKenzie

With audiences accessing BBC content on multiple platforms, former Newsbeat editor Rod McKenzie explains what’s required of the modern radio journalist

Local radio producers: Radio Bristol

Working in local radio is demanding. A passion for the job and the region help to ensure you get a real feel for the stories that interest your audience

Original journalism: Finding stories

It takes skill to produce original journalism that grabs people's attention: a skill that can be learnt but one that many believe is becoming harder to practice

Editorial meetings

Before pitching an idea at a meeting, ask yourself what it was that convinced you it was so good. You also need to demonstrate an understanding of the subject - and know when to speak

Studio manager at World Service

World Service's Kristian Hansen shares some golden rules of live radio production and top tips for becoming a studio manager