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Multimedia journalism

Multimedia journalism can be one multi-skilled reporter telling a story for TV, radio and online or it can mean running a newsroom where journalists working in different media collaborate. In this section of the BBC Academy's website, find out how multimedia journalist Fergus Walsh tells one story, and how other stories are planned and told in multimedia newsrooms across the BBC.

Visual journalism: Virtual reality graphics technology

Nick Higham discovers how specialist graphic designers use virtual reality technology to explain complex issues and stories

How Outside Source connects with audiences: Ros Atkins

What do you get when you bring an online approach to broadcast journalism? Outside Source on BBC World Service and BBC World News

Visual journalism: Motion graphics

The BBC’s Global Video Unit creates online motion graphics (infographics) to make sometimes complex facts and figures more interesting and memorable

Visual Journalism Unit: Multiplatform collaboration

Journalists and designers from the Visual Journalism Unit talk about the latest graphics technology being used by BBC News

Covering royalty: Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

No other monarchy attracts such global interest as the British royal family. Major events require months of planning with Palace officials

Outside broadcasts - Baroness Thatcher's funeral: Rob Watson

BBC World Service correspondent Rob Watson shows us around the press enclosure at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher

Covering major events like birth of royal baby

The BBC’s royal correspondents, their producer and the editor of the Six and Ten discuss the challenges of working to different deadlines and platforms when covering a big event like the birth of a royal baby

How to plan for big events: Birth of royal baby

How does BBC News cover a major event such as the birth of a royal baby across TV, radio and online?

Multimedia newsroom: BBC London

How BBC London’s multimedia newsroom is helping journalists to reach a wider audience by providing content for TV, radio, online and digital services