Broadcasting using a webcam

It is useful for all producers and contributors to know how to produce the best quality sound and pictures using an internet application. The BBC’s live broadcast trainer Sam Upton outlines a few simple rules.

Using the internet to file video and audio broadcasts is an increasingly popular way to get contributors on air quickly, easily and cheaply wherever they are in the world.

PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices can all be used to record inserts or live interviews for TV, radio and digital platforms using internet broadcasting services and a stable broadband connection.

In this video the BBC’s live broadcast trainer Sam Upton advises on how to produce the best quality Skype broadcast. She shows that by choosing the right location and positioning your device carefully you can ensure you or your guest look and sound authoritative on air.

Sam also reveals how simple techniques like using a coat or blanket as a shield can significantly improve the quality of your sound recording if you are only broadcasting audio.

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