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It’s not just deciding what goes on the front page of the BBC News website or leads the Six O'Clock News - editors manage teams, talent and strategic projects. In this section of the BBC Academy's website, discover how editors from the News at Ten, Radio 5 live and the BBC News website make the difficult editorial calls.

What makes a good editor?

Editors do not just take responsibility for output. Taking a part in the leadership and running of the wider operation is now part of what it means to be an editor

Regional TV output editor: South East Today

Knowing your patch and the issues that matter to your audience are essential elements of regional news programmes such as BBC South East Today

Editing TV bulletins: James Stephenson

Set-piece bulletins on the main TV channels still attract huge audiences - and viewers' expectations are always high

Editing radio bulletins: Tim Bailey

National, international or regional - all radio news bulletins require engaging copy, a story structure and the ability to react to breaking news. Keeping things fresh and relevant is a must

Output editing for radio: 5 live lunchtime programme

The output editor is responsible for a live programme on the day, from compiling the running order to briefing the presenter. Watch Emma Jones editing a 5 live lunchtime programme with Shelagh Fogarty

Desk editing on 5 live

The desk editor assigns stories to producers, gets the programme from page to studio and, whilst on air, keeps the studio up to date with developing stories

Editing OOVs: Simon Waldman

OOVs are short scripts read by a presenter ‘out of vision’ and covered by a picture sequence. Former News Channel senior editor Simon Waldman explains

Local radio breakfast shows: Radio Devon

Local radio audiences want to know about everything that’s happening on their patch - but they want to be entertained too

Making and editing a radio package

Selecting the right location, guests and natural sound is essential to radio package making. When it comes to recording, more is better