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Digital journalism

The future of journalism is digital. But what does that mean for journalists and the skills they need to develop? In this section of the BBC Academy's website, find out about the secrets of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how web analytics helps shape editorial decisions. Experienced BBC journalists explain how to make the best video for the web, write the best stories and choose great pictures.

Instant messaging: BBC News on chat apps

Chat apps offer the chance to connect with new audiences and distribute content instantly, as the BBC World Service team has discovered

How to be a digital innovator: BBC Trending

Creating innovative approaches to storytelling and content delivery requires a bold strategic approach when pitching ideas

How to inspire innovative ideas: Radio 1’s Newsbeat

You can inspire news teams to be innovative by offering encouragement, support and detailed feedback, says Newsbeat editor Louisa Compton

Writing for mobile: Bite-size basics

“Writing for news just got tougher," editor Nathalie Malinarich warns as mobiles become the dominant platform - essential advice for journalists

Mobile journalism strategy: Ramaa Sharma

With global audiences increasingly accessing news on their mobile, World Service journalists are rethinking the way they tell stories, says Ramaa Sharma

How web analytics informs online journalism

Esra Dogramaci hears how some of the BBC’s leading digital journalists allow web analytics to guide their work by measuring what works well

Web analytics: Key terms jargon buster

Do you know your users from your visitors - or the bounce rate versus exit rate? BBC digital consultant Esra Dogramaci offers a web analytics jargon buster

Digital innovation: Producing video for online and TV

Experimenting with video formats is crucial as the way audiences consume news continues to change, says Inga Thordar, editor of the BBC News homepage

Covering big breaking news events online: Royal baby

How the BBC News website and social media teams cover major breaking news events like the birth of a royal baby across multiple platforms