Journalism / Skills

BBC Investigation Support

Reporters working on original stories must ensure the sources are genuine and truthful. They need to understand every layer of the story and back up the findings of their investigation. BBC’s Investigation Support features some of the corporation’s most experienced reporters explaining how they find and tell their stories. You'll find research training, technical advice and practical help to find those hard-to-reach facts and expose wrongdoing.

Verification and originality in hostile environments

BBC Iraq correspondent Ahmed Maher explains the challenges of remaining accurate, impartial and independent while reporting from a conflict zone

Working off-diary: Andrew Hosken

Radio 4 reporter Andrew Hosken uses the story of an NHS whistle-blower to explain how covering complex issues requires specific skills

Online security: Protecting private data

What journalists need to know to secure their data, contacts and protect themselves from hackers - from BBC internet research specialist Paul Myers

Original journalism

Long-form investigative programmes for radio require specific reporting and production skills to ensure the audio comes to life

Searching for people online: Advanced techniques

Internet research specialist Paul Myers offers advanced tactical tips for how and where to search for people and case studies online

Searching for company data: Advanced techniques

BBC research specialist Paul Myers offers advice on the best search tools and tactics to find company information online

Local reporting: Original journalism at Radio York

Finding original stories requires hard work, ambition and a natural curiosity - all skills attributed to the award-winning BBC Radio York team

Reporting conflict: Paul Wood in Syria

Paul Wood won Journalist of the Year at the Foreign Press Association Media Awards for his team’s brave coverage of the bombardment of Homs

Investigative reporting techniques: Paul Kenyon

Programmes that expose injustice and wrongdoing - especially using undercover filming - demand extremely high standards from the team