The College of Journalism runs seminars and conferences that examine the big issues facing both journalists and journalism. These events range from briefings on major stories by senior BBC journalists for their colleagues, to big national or international conferences on, for example, hyperlocal journalism or the role of social media. In this section you can view video reports of events.

The Revival of Local Journalism

A one-day conference at MediaCityUK in Salford on 25 June 2014 to reflect the state of UK local journalism today and make creative suggestions for the future

#smsldn London Social Media Summit

#smsldn was a major event on 16 May examining the key challenges facing journalists and news organisations using social media

Understanding public's economic concerns

What do BBC audiences think about its coverage of the economy? Find out what research tells us about the things people are interested in

The 1944 Education Act

The 1944 Education Act revolutionised schooling in England and Wales. With education dominating the political agenda, what lessons can be learnt from it?

A world of influence

The seminar A World of Influence saw leading names from news groups including the BBC, al-Jazeera, RT and CCTV debate international media organisations' pursuit of ‘soft power’

Working in hostile environments

A one-day seminar hosted by the College of Journalism on raising awareness of the risks and challenges of working in hostile environments and conflict zones. The panel included Jeremy Bowen, Caroline Wyatt and Paul Wood

Violent images on BBC News

How does the BBC decide on the use of violent and graphic images like the Syrian chemical attack? Have its principles changed over the years?

Unprepared, inexperienced and in a war zone

Are young freelance reporters putting themselves in unnecessary danger? Senior journalists discussed what can be done to minimise the risks

The battle for international opinion

Two experienced war reporters talk to special correspondent Allan Little about the way PR is used to influence international opinion in modern conflicts