Reporting on children: Alison Holt

For journalists reporting on stories concerning children, protecting the child is the top priority. Social affairs correspondent Alison Holt offers advice on the challenges.

Stories involving children and young people throw up a unique range of challenges, such as consent, protecting identity and even stereotyping. Social affairs correspondent Alison Holt offers advice on what to do when you are reporting on children (under 16s) and young people (16 to 18).

Reporters, producers and camera people can consult publically available resources to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to carry out assignments involving children and young people. These include the BBC School Report website and editorial guidelines.

This film, shot at a secondary school in North London, is introduced by the head girl and head boy. We are able to show the faces of the children by having followed the school’s formal consent process.

Getting the most from children in your reports: Alison Holt

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