Covering major events like birth of royal baby

Royal correspondents, along with their producer Simon Lister, explain what it is like to cover a huge multimedia event like the birth of a royal baby. Paul Royall, editor of the News at Six and Ten, shows how the teams cope when finely tuned plans are switched at the last moment.

The BBC’s royal correspondents Peter Hunt, Nick Witchell, Luisa Baldini and Daniela Relph work closely with their producer Simon Lister and all News outlets to co-ordinate coverage.

Simon explains how on a big story like the birth of a royal baby he deals with the demands and logistics of all outlets and ensures the correspondents allocate equal time to them. 

Peter, who was royal correspondent for radio and online on the birth of Prince George, describes the different techniques and styles required to write a radio piece versus a ‘text box’ for the News website.

Daniela explains how they juggle the demands of television and online using the same material in different ways.

The editor of BBC News at Six and Ten, Paul Royall, takes us through events on the day when all the planning and preparation for the official announcement was turned on its head. Paul illustrates how calmly the ‘on-air’ teams dealt with the changes ahead of transmission.