BBC Academy language websites

The BBC Academy's 23 international language sites support the work of the BBC World Service, focusing on three key aspects of journalism practice that are of particular importance in the regions of the world they serve: skills, language and values.

In addition to the free, globally available English website, there are now 23 other international language sites: Arabic, BengaliBurmeseChinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), FrenchHausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, KyrgyzPashtoPersian, Russian, Spanish, SomaliSwahili, Turkish, UkrainianUrduUzbek and Vietnamese. They each cover the essential editorial skills that journalists working in the BBC World Service language departments use on a daily basis.

They explore impartiality and accuracy in language, giving journalists around the world the chance to see the BBC’s in-house language style guides.

And they explain the editorial values that underpin all of the BBC’s journalism.

Each site has tailor-made content created by World Service journalists for their target audience.

In the sections examining the use of language, the sites address specific issues: grammatical learning points, the development and expansion of language, new terminologies, taboo wording, the golden rules of newsroom translation, online language and, above all, mastering the use of impartial language.

You can access all of these websites either from the journalism tab in the dropdown menu above or by using the links above or below. 

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