Reporting for radio: Newsbeat

Some of the most powerful radio reports make the listener feel they are actually there at the scene. Painting a picture with words is how it is often described. Nomia Iqbal is a reporter on Radio 1’s Newsbeat.

Radio reporters need to be able to bring their stories to life through the power of their scripts and audio clips.

Knowing your audience is a crucial part of the job too - the way you cover a story for one network won’t necessarily work for another. 

Radio 1’s Newsbeat programme tends to favour short, snappy reports that capture the audience’s attention and hold onto it.   

Nomia Iqbal talks us through a typical day. Her top tips include:

  • Collect lots of colour, descriptions and sound bites which will bring your report to life
  • Be decisive. You haven't got much time, so you need to decide quickly which are the best bits of your story and the most interesting details
  • Keep your audience in mind at all times. They're fussy and they won't hang around to listen to something that's not targeted at them.