Outside broadcasts - Baroness Thatcher's funeral: Rob Watson

Big stories are not always unexpected news. Some are known about well in advance and coverage is planned in great detail. Rob Watson is a political correspondent for the BBC World Service.

When Baroness Thatcher died, the BBC newsgathering operation had a week to plan coverage of her funeral.

Lady Thatcher was prime minister for 11 years and was a familiar - and controversial - figure around the world. Her funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral in London was a major international event, meaning a large contingent of BBC reporters was needed to feed programme demand.

Security is taken very seriously at an event of this size and status, and you cannot just turn up with a TV camera or microphone! Journalists from all media have to be ‘accredited’ before being admitted to a special area that is allocated to their organisation and not accessible to the general public.

The BBC’s media enclosure was situated opposite the steps of St Paul’s. In this film, Rob Watson gives us an insider’s view of how he covered the event for the World Service.

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