Understanding public's economic concerns

There has been a huge shift in people's interest in the economy. Steve Schifferes, professor of financial journalism at City University in London, spells out what this should mean for the BBC’s reporting. The panel for this College of Journalism briefing in May 2012 included Mary Hockaday, former head of the BBC Newsroom, and Jon Zilkha, editor of the BBC Economics & Business Unit.

Professor Stephen Schifferes's research shows that the audience wants to hear more about how changes in the global economy affect their personal finances - and less about the stock market.

Far more people now say they are interested in the economy than was the case prior to the 2008 financial crisis. And far greater numbers say they follow news about the economy on a daily basis. But a very large minority of the audience - nearly half - say they still don't understand the economy despite repeated explanations and background reporting.


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