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Could you be an apprentice digital journalist?

BBC director of News James Harding on the new BBC scheme which combines paid multi-platform work experience with a formal journalism qualification

Radio apprentices: fresh views on Radio 4

Is Radio 4 ignoring key audiences? How can the network bring in new listeners? The latest Radio 4 radio journalism apprentices give us their views in the special edition of our weekly podcast

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Experts in the field discuss whether test-driven development has run its course

Family courts: Sanchia Berg

Sanchia Berg, a reporter on Radio 4’s Today programme, explains what to expect when reporting from a family court in England and Wales for the first time

Journalism Blog

Seven more Facebook ‘secrets’ for journalists to have at their finger-tips

GitHub's Zach Holman: move fast and break nothing

Taking GitHub's approach to shipping software changes quickly

Expert Voices: finding BAME talent

Are you an expert and want to share your knowledge with the masses? Expert Voices gave chosen delegates that chance.

Monoliths and microservices

Why splitting an application into smaller parts can lead to better software

Q&A: how to get into comedy production

Looking to make your break in comedy production? Stuck on the outside and not sure who to approach? Head of talent for BBC Comedy Daniell Morrisey answered your questions in this Q&A