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Birmingham Digital Week 2015

Access expert training and discussions aimed at developing skills, sharing knowledge and creating networking opportunities for Birmingham’s successful digital sector

I made…The Lost Women of British Jazz

Radio novice? Don’t let that stop you pitching and developing a great idea. Producer Janine Jones tells us about creating Radio 4’s Lost Women of British Jazz.

Digital innovation: Producing video for online and TV

Experimenting with video formats is crucial as the way audiences consume news continues to change, says Inga Thordar, editor of the BBC News homepage

How to succeed on YouTube

Expert tips for ensuring news videos succeed on YouTube - like getting breaking news up quickly and curating your “mini-marketing poster”: the title and thumbnail

Journalism Blog

Why did you get into journalism and would you do it again? Part two

GitHub's Zach Holman: move fast and break nothing

Taking GitHub's approach to shipping software changes quickly

1Xtra: How to make it in radio

Find out what it takes to get into radio and work at 1Xtra with presenters Twin B and Mistajam.

The big debate: is TDD dead?

Experts in the field discuss whether test-driven development has run its course

Digital Skills Day Salford: 17 March 2015

Free training for freelancers in digital storytelling, digital production and building online audiences and much more