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Video on mobile: How to file great digital content

Mobile audiences consume video differently from TV audiences. So what does that mean for newsgatherers? BBC correspondent Matthew Price and other key figures explain

Peaky Blinders: meet director Colm McCarthy

It’s the director’s job to bring the writer’s vision to the screen, and managing relationships with the writer, performers and crew is key to getting it right. Peaky Blinders director Colm McCarthy tells us more.

BBC Digital Open Day

Join BBC Digital and the BBC Academy to find out about Building Next Generation Services at the BBC.

How to present the news using Autocue: Maxine Mawhinney

BBC presenter and trainer Maxine Mawhinney explains how to look good and feel confident reading the news using Autocue

Journalism Blog

Web searching and the art of asking the right questions

The big debate: is TDD dead?

Experts in the field discuss whether test-driven development has run its course

Tips: how to impress as a runner

Many senior programme makers started their production career as runners. Ayo Ajibewa gives us his tips on how to survive and thrive as a runner on The One Show.

The need for resilience

Architecting software to fail as gracefully as possible

Sarah Solemani: writing comedy and drama

How easy is it to go from acting to writing drama or comedy? Sarah Solemani, star of Bad Education and Him and Her, talks about her writing for BBC One's The Secrets and beyond.