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Sports writing online: Tom Fordyce

The BBC’s chief sports writer Tom Fordyce explains the skills required to write for Sport online - and that a lot of it is about rhythm

Making the most of your ideas

That lightbulb moment: tips from the BBC’s Creative Leadership Programme on how to be more creative, harness your best ideas and make that killer pitch

Maintaining quality

Reviewing TV programmes for delivery with eyeball checks and AQC

College of Journalism language websites

The BBC College of Journalism has launched four more international language websites - taking the total to 15 plus English. Each supports the work of the BBC World Service with a core focus on skills, language and values. More are planned

Seven tips for making great content with your iPhone

What apps and equipment could you be using to get the most professional results?

File Delivery Made Real

Book your place on one of the file-based delivery training events

Delivering your TV programme as a file

How do you prepare a programme for delivery as a DPP-compliant file?

Journalism Blog

New ad law set to wreak havoc in Russian TV market

Why EU legislation matters: Jeremy Cooke

BBC correspondent Jeremy Cooke explains how European Union rules and regulations have an impact on every corner of the UK