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File delivery: the basics

Whether you’re a runner or an AP, if you work in TV production you need to know about the switch to file-based delivery of programmes. To get you started, here’s our handy Work in Broadcast guide to the basics.

File delivery demystified

TV professionals guide us through the shift to tapeless programme delivery

Test yourself and perform your very own eyeball check

Watch this short One Show package that we've doctored and see if you can spot the deliberate errors

Welcome Back: helping BAME professionals get back into TV

London event will offer support and training for BAME professionals who are looking to return to television

Visual Journalism Unit: Multiplatform collaboration

Journalists and designers from the Visual Journalism Unit talk about the latest graphics technology being used by BBC News

Q&A: file delivery - a programme maker's guide

The industry-wide rollout of file-based delivery could affect more of the programme-making process than you think. Join our Twitter Q&A to find out what you need to know about this big change.

How to create award winning local radio

The Radio Academy award winning KL.FM on how they got listeners to love their local commercial radio station.

Journalism Blog

Translating money: A new tool for understanding between Chinese and English

Digital journalism

What does digital journalism mean for journalists and the skills they need to develop?