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Director-General's statement

These Statements of Programme Policy set out the BBC's programming commitments and editorial priorities, for each of our services, over the coming year.

A commitment to international, national and local journalism of the highest quality and integrity remains at the core of the BBC offering, and a major new online development, Democracy Live, will help people to connect with their representatives at local, national and international levels and follow their work.

Over the coming year we are looking to strengthen our performance in the nations and regions of the UK, improving the quality and diversity of the services we offer. We plan a new network of specialist reporters to enrich the BBC's coverage of local government, more knowledge-building programming in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and a new regional football programme in England. We will also complete the roll-out of the redesigned BBC Local sites, focused on local news, sport and weather and with links to a wide range of external local sites.

Arts and culture will feature strongly. Poetry Season, a collaboration between BBC Two and BBC Four, will provide over eight hours of prime-time programmes, offering a variety of different perspectives on the value and meaning of poetry, while Off By Heart will introduce children to the joys of learning and reciting verse.

Factual programming will be centre stage on BBC One, with new commissions including The Science Show [working title], bringing science to a family audience in the heart of the peak-time schedule, complemented by hour-long specials and online material. David Attenborough's series Life will form the centrepiece of the Darwin 200 season. BBC Two will follow up on the success of Oceans with a new six-part natural history series devoted to marine life, South Pacific, and Stephen Fry will encounter Radio 1, in partnership with 1Xtra and BBC Switch, will run a series of social action campaigns focusing.

Following the recent BBC Trust review of BBC Online, we will reach out to a wider range of partner organisations in the UK and internationally, becoming better connected to sites and services outside the BBC. Building on the success of BBC iPlayer, we will make the service available on a wider range of platforms and devices.

I believe that the priorities set out in these Statements will make this an exciting year for the BBC and its audiences.


The whole SoPPs document is available in two large PDF files, one in English and one in Welsh.

To open a PDF file you need Adobe Reader software, which you can download free via BBC WebWise.

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