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BBCi Policy 2008/2009


Service remit

The remit of BBCi is to offer continuous and constantly updated news, information, education and entertainment to digital television audiences in the form of interactive video, audio, pictures and text.

BBCi should offer content which supports and enhances some linear television programmes. It should be an access and navigation point for BBC non-linear television and radio content, offering supporting material and enhancements for linear broadcast output.

Delivering the BBC's purposes in 2008/2009

BBCi will continue to contribute towards the delivery of the BBC's public purposes in the range of ways set out in its service licence. Key developments in the way in which the service will contribute to each purpose are outlined below. These are designed to address the priorities identified by the BBC Trust, future-proof the delivery of the purposes, and address perceived gaps in delivery in line with strategies in the BBC's purpose plans.

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Key developments

1 Sustaining citizenship and civil society

  • Priority: BBCi intends to strengthen its journalism offering by improving the production quality of the video stories of both news and sport in the News Multiscreen, and to add more digital content as part of the digital switchover process.
  • Priority: As part of the UK's digital switchover, BBCi will migrate priority Ceefax text pages, such as Flight Arrivals and Agricultural Prices, to the service to ensure that viewers continue to have access to this highly valued public service content.
  • BBCi continues to support BBC Journalism in its coverage of elections (local and national), parliamentary events (the Budget) and key news stories by providing in-depth explanation via the on-demand News Multiscreen and 24/7 digital text content.

2 Promoting education and learning

  • BBCi will maintain its current commitment to education and learning, including redeveloping the children's permanent services and programme enhancements.

3 Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence

  • BBC Audio & Music will this year increase its use of BBCi to make available exclusive music sessions and coverage of national events such as Glastonbury and the Proms.
  • BBCi will aggregate all interactive sports content (audio-visual, pictures and text) to provide a permanent presence for sports.

4 Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK

  • Priority: In 2008, BBCi will be delivering content about the USA elections and the Beijing Olympics as well as other newsworthy stories from across the globe. In time for the Beijing Olympics, BBCi will launch an updated sports section, offering comprehensive sports news and results supported by the very best of BBC Sport in video, both during the Olympics and continuing afterwards with other events.

5 Delivering the benefit of emerging communications technologies

  • Make BBCi available via the Freesat platform.
  • Launch BBC iPlayer on various TV platforms, with the red button as the primary access point.
  • Explore the use of IP (Internet Protocol) to enhance the quality and impact of interactive television content.
  • Establish a single set of IPTV standards to publish content in a cost-effective manner to this emerging platform.
  • Maintain the improved speed of performance delivered in the last year.

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