serves the BBC’s five purposes, with an emphasis on democratic and educational value, through the provision of innovative and distinctive content, available to all. As a starting point on the internet and a guide to the medium, promotes internet use to develop a deeper relationship with licence fee payers and to strengthen BBC accountability. can be accessed on PCs and other devices connected to the internet
Key priorities for the coming year
During 2003/2004, in response to Philip Graf’s independent review of the service, the Board of Governors approved a revised remit for In line with that new remit, in the coming year we will focus on delivering greater public value across each of the BBC’s five purposes. In particular we will:
 drive reach beyond 50% of the UK internet population by enhancing our news, information and educational content, and by refocusing our cultural offering on new and innovative services and on-demand access to the BBC’s television and radio output
 improve service quality and impact by developing user tools, including a major overhaul of the search service, personalisation and audience contributions
 aim to deliver improved value for money

Democratic value
In line with the new remit, our news and information service will be aimed primarily at creating democratic value and civic engagement, complementing the BBC’s broadcast news coverage across all subject areas, including sports and local news.
Our specific commitments are to:
 provide different ways for people to consume and interact with our news content
 reach new audiences by allowing partner sites access to our news content
 further innovate with services for mobile phones and other handheld devices, offering a tailored version of what we offer on the web

Educational value will continue to invest in content and innovative interactive learning applications that create educational value for children, parents, teachers and adults pursuing both formal and informal learning.
The service will build on the BBC’s broadcast factual output to provide broader and deeper informal learning. will continue to support outreach projects such as the BBC’s digital literacy buses across the UK.
Our specific commitments are to:
 enhance materials on four major European languages, including delivering a threefold increase in broadband-enabled rich media materials
 continue to improve the functionality of CBBC search and explore the feasibility of external syndication and/or linking to the service
 attract 1 million users to the WebWise site and link to 1,000 support centres nationwide by March 2006
 extend Skillswise with a major literacy campaign, aiming to attract 200,000 users a month between October and March
 launch a major digital literacy campaign working with the DCMS, DTI and the Broadband Stakeholder Group to increase awareness of the internet and how to get connected
 enhance the CBBC Newsround site to incorporate a journalism learning module enhancing children’s ability to learn about world issues

Cultural and creative value
In the coming year will reduce the volume of content which is created specifically for the online service. Instead, cultural value will increasingly be delivered by offering on-demand access to BBC programming.
The service will also explore new ways of exploiting the internet to deliver innovative and distinctive new entertainment formats and will explore new propositions aimed at teenagers. It will also provide opportunities for creative people across the UK to make their own contributions.

Our specific commitments are to:
 launch a trial to understand the potential of a full Interactive Media Player (iMP) service
 continue to explore other methods of getting our rich web content out to licence fee payers, free at the point of consumption, via a range of devices
 expand our broadband offering, including a trial broadband destination site, broadband support for the new Doctor Who series, and audio-visual bulletins
 pilot the BBC Creative Archive
 pilot the Film Network – a community where new British film makers can showcase short works and share skills and learning
 commission a comedy site from an external producer, to act as a forum for aspiring writers, producers and performers

Social and community value
We are committed to encouraging audiences to move from passive consumption to active participation – wherever they live and whatever their background.
In doing so, we seek to reassure them of the privacy and safety of their contributions. This is a particular priority for vulnerable audiences, such as children. will also support a number of wider BBC campaigns including Sport Action. Make Space for Nature will support the Springwatch with Bill Oddie television series.
Our specific commitments are to:
 increase the number of registered users to create a stronger, more personalised relationship with end-users, including a specific product for children
 investigate ways of ensuring that children can continue to make online contributions in a safe, pre-moderated environment
 further enhance Ouch!, the disabled community site, with the aim of ensuring an average of over 20,000 visitors a month
 re-launch the pilot iCan campaigns forum involving more collaboration with other parts of the BBC and with outside organisations
 launch the Voices project, a celebration of language and dialect across the UK
 provide an increased range of content for children with special needs or with English as their second language
 trial the submission of images and video content ‘on the move’
 develop new user-generated content for sport, including player and match ratings
 complement external local content providers more effectively by replacing major events listings with community and user-generated notices
 expand the use of user-generated ‘blog’ content including the roll-out of the Island Blogging project across Scotland

Global value acts as a global content platform, not only by providing an international-facing news service funded by BBC World Service, but also by offering a high-quality news service to a UK audience which carries significant in-depth international coverage and analysis.
We also aim to provide a global forum, stimulating debate between people around the world and showcasing British content.
Other commitments
Across all our activities, we aim to make a positive contribution to the evolution of a rich UK internet ecology. will improve its approach to working with external online stakeholders and begin implementing a number of the voluntary initiatives proposed in the Board of Governors’ response to the Graf report.
Our specific commitments are to:
 provide greater clarity to external stakeholders about the direction in which the service will develop, and subject all major service launches to editorial and public value assessments which take account of their market impact
 take steps towards implementing the voluntary 25% external production quota adopted by the Board of Governors (to be achieved by 2006/2007)

As part of our commitment to guiding audiences to the best content on the web, has already published criteria for the selection of these editorially relevant links. In 2005/2006, will begin reporting the volume of click-throughs to external links.

BBCi offers all-day, up-to-the-minute news, weather, education, entertainment and other information content to all digital television audiences via the red button on the remote control. It aims to enhance the value of the BBC’s television proposition to digital audiences through interactive video, audio, pictures and text.

BBCi is available to all digital audiences – on Freeview, satellite and cable – from all BBC channels
Key priorities for the coming year
Our key priorities for 2005/2006 are to:
 grow the reach of the service and help drive digital take-up by increasing investment in children’s and radio services and through a major marketing campaign
 raise the quality and impact of the service, as each platform allows by improving ease of use and service speed – reducing access times to 6 seconds across all platforms
 continue to deliver high value for money, maintaining the cost per user reached across all platforms at no more than 8p

Democratic value
BBCi aims to be the essential source of immediate news for those who choose to access it through digital television, offering coverage of the top international, national and regional news, sport and weather.
Our specific commitments are to:
 provide network radio news information on digital television and audio news to supplement existing text and video services
 provide enhanced continuous coverage of the expected General Election
 pilot a local television project to measure the impact of on-demand local news

Cultural and creative value
BBCi provides over 4,000 text pages, as well as video clips, to deliver a comprehensive overview of UK entertainment.
The BBC’s interactive services have been groundbreaking, supporting the development of interactive applications and content across digital television. We aim to continue to innovate and to further our links with the external creative community.
Our specific commitments are to:
 introduce rich support for the BBC’s network radio channels on digital television, by providing live programme information and exploring offering an audio hub
 pilot a ‘forward and store’ service for personal video recorders (PVRs), create and test on-demand navigation systems and research audience reactions
 commission a new interactive television infrastructure that will enable quicker development and easier outsourcing of content and applications
 aim to increase our proportion of externally sourced products and services

Educational value
BBCi offers a range of learning services from GCSE revision guides to developmental games for the very young.
Over the coming year we will broaden the range of learning services, increasing our investment in children’s and learning content while reducing spend on entertainment.
Our specific commitments are to:
 launch CBBC Extra, a comprehensive interactive offering for CBBC, complementing our CBeebies service
 enhance GCSE Bitesize services with additional interactivity
 increase the number of games and stories available to pre-school children on the CBeebies service
 further develop interactive information, advice, feedback and community services for parents and carers on CBeebies
 launch a literacy learning tool, tied to the BBC-wide campaign, with a long-term aspiration for a fully-fledged, always-on service

Social and community value
To increase the social value of our service, we plan to experiment with a number of innovative user-generated content offerings.
Our specific commitments are to:
 pilot user-generated content that brings together digital storytelling and video nation content – Your Stories
 launch additional local travel information for the UK

THE DIGITAL CURRICULUM will be a free online service, providing high-quality interactive resources which can be used at home, at school or in the community. Structured around key elements of the school curriculum for 5 to 16 year olds, it will offer resources that add value to learning for children of all abilities.

The Digital Curriculum will be available online from January 2006
Key priorities for the coming year
Approval for the Digital Curriculum service was granted by the Government in 2003, since when the BBC has been working to make its vision a reality.
Our aim is to deliver high-quality interactive content which will be integral to the school curriculum, helping children to learn more effectively, supporting teachers and encouraging involvement by parents and carers.
In the coming year our priorities will be:
 to continue to prepare for the launch of the first materials in January 2006
 to ensure that the launch of the service complies with all the conditions of its approval

From January 2006 our priority will be to ensure that the Digital Curriculum:
 provides high-quality and distinctive content (video, audio, text, animation and games), delivering considerable educational impact
 initially provides content for English, mathematics, science, geography and French across the UK
 is available in all homes and schools and elsewhere in the community, through both broadband and narrowband access

Educational value
The Digital Curriculum is being developed in consultation with all the main UK curriculum bodies and the Government’s Curriculum Online Content Advisory Board.
The service will be learner-centred, encouraging self-motivation and developing understanding and competence through exploration and collaboration with other learners.
In line with the conditions placed on the service, the BBC will cover any subject to a maximum of 50% of the curriculum, ensuring opportunities for a range of materials from different providers to find their way to the marketplace. The areas to be covered are agreed with the Government’s educational technology agency, BECTA.
In the areas it covers, the BBC service will offer a coherent, complementary and innovative set of resources, adding depth and breadth to what is available from other providers. We will aim for a continuing dialogue with the commercial sector to ensure this complementarity.
In addition to the core subjects available across the UK, in 2006 we will offer a range of non-core subjects across the four nations of the UK with all relevant content available in Welsh, and some available in Gaelic and Irish. Over time, we will spend a maximum of 22% of our budget on core subjects and a maximum of 30% on non-core subjects. Full details are available at
Our specific commitments are to:
 develop a curriculum-related interactive service that puts the learner at the centre and helps to bridge the gap between school and home
 offer a range of high-quality material for 5 to 16 year olds from all backgrounds and in all parts of the UK
 include resources that are technically and pedagogically experimental
 work with the industry to ensure that we complement other provision in the marketplace
 commission 50% of content from external suppliers and draw on BBC archive material to support the curricula in all four nations
 ensure a spread of coverage across different subjects in line with the conditions set by the Government

Social and community value
The service will aim to stimulate, support and reflect the diversity of the UK. It will be accessible at any time and from any location across the UK. In order to support a range of users and develop digital literacy, all content will be readily accessible, with a range of resources developed for people with special needs.