Studio support

We have excellent, tastefully designed studio support areas all in a private artiste corridor close to studio entrances.

Green Room

Our Green Room features soft seating areas and a café bar. The room can be split into two areas if required. Direct access to the studios, dressing rooms, costume and make-up rooms is provided by a private corridor.

The Green Room also features a studio wallbox with connectivity to galleries allowing filming opportunities.

Audience handling

The audience entrance is our main reception area; this is a large open foyer with information displays and interactive facilities.

A dedicated audience corridor leads from reception to the studio entrances. The corridor features banks of flat screen monitors that can be used to brand shows and entertain audiences on the way to studio. VIP guests can also be entertained in the roof terrace, restaurant or viewing theatre.

A team of audience handlers are also available to work alongside your production team to look after your studio guests.


Wardrobe and costume are along the same corridor as the dressing rooms, make-up rooms and the Green Room. This private corridor also provides access to the studios.


Make-up facilities are next door to our costume and dressing room areas. They are fully fitted out for programme make-up requirements.

Dressing rooms

We have eight interior designed dressing rooms including three ‘star’ en-suite rooms and five band/larger dressing rooms. All rooms include studio output monitors and private mini safes.

Production office

A production office is provided close to studio galleries. This space can be fitted out to your programme requirements.