BBC Scotland has a long and proud history of providing quality radio output for all genres. Alongside our experienced and professional staff, at Pacific Quay we have some of the finest technology on offer.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is purpose built to host music and radio drama productions. With the latest digital technology, the studio is perfect for live music as well as drama and comedy productions.

A comfortable green room is attached to this facility.

Studio 1 specifications

  • Digital end-to-end production
  • Studer Vista 8 desk
  • Pyramix multi-track facility
  • Sadie
  • Dead room
  • Live room
  • Bedroom set
  • Kitchen set
  • Livingroom set

Other facilities

We have 5 radio studios fitted with the latest equipment.

  • Studios 2 and 3 have Studer Vista 8
  • Studios 4, 5 and 6 have Studer OnAir 3000
  • We also have a separate recording studio at Glasgow City Halls

Outside broadcast

Also available is a DSV Sound vehicle with 128 multitrack desk recording to Pyramix.

Craft staff

Our highly trained and professional radio staff have a long history in producing outstanding radio content for domestic and network productions.