Rights and Business Affairs

What we do and who we are

The Rights and Business Affairs team at BBC Scotland negotiates your Licence Fee, issues your programme production agreements and provides support throughout production. We are based at Pacific Quay - do feel free to drop by if you are in the building.

Your contract with the BBC

Before contracting you, we will wait for genre and channel commitment and Programme Finance Committee Approval. We are happy to open discussion before this and may even agree some terms in principle, but these discussions are subject to contract if the above approvals are not in place. We are always happy to update you on where your potential commission is in the approval system.

Standard Terms of Trade and agreements for television production

The Commissioning Specification

The Commissioning Specification forms part of the contract and is the document we will use to assess the Licence Fee we pay you.

Safeguarding Trust

All of your production personnel will need to be familiar with the BBC's Editorial Guidelines and will need to complete Safeguarding Trust courses. We'll ask you to report on this as part of your Progress Reporting. Your commissioning executive will let you know if any of your team need to complete courses prior to the contract being signed.

Progress Reporting for Television

During Production

Production Guides for Radio (.pdf) and Television (.pdf) give a general overview of all the things you need to consider when making a programme for the BBC including Health and Safety, Insurance and BBC Policies and Guidelines. They are well worth a read if you have not recently made a production for the BBC as they are frequently updated.

Commercial Exploitation

If you want to commercially exploit your programme in accordance with the Terms of Trade, you will need to follow the:-