Radio Scotland commissioning


This section provides information about the commissioning process for Radio Scotland

It's important that you listen to our output in order to gain an understanding of what we do already and what the overall tone and sound of the station is.

Our output primarily consists of strand programmes which either strip across the week Monday-Friday or fill a weekly slot. Most strands run for the majority of the year (eg. The Kaye Adams ProgrammeVic Galloway) although a handful only transmit every other quarter (eg. Stark TalkMedical Matters).

Strand programmes are produced by established in-house/independent production teams.

Our weekly schedules

Offers to Radio Scotland rounds must be submitted using the Proteus system. If you are not already registered with Proteus, contact who will arrange for the access for you. Please note that it takes about a week for this procedure to happen so make sure you have enough time to get your offer in before the round closes.

Current opportunities

  • No rounds open at present